Application examples of New type fused glass

Application examples of New type fused glass

Application examples of New type fused glass

With its unique decorative effect, it get a lot attention in the industry.
Fusion glass spans the existing glass form,
Fully play the artistic conception of designers and processors,
Design with its unique decorative effect,
The focus of glass processing, decoration and decoration owners.


Three-dimensional texture, strong artistic effect,
Create a better decorative effect.
The new hot-melt glass retains the original texture of the glass,
It with three-dimensional, elegant, fashionable and durable look.
It suitbale for indoors and outdoors decoration.
Such as: background, partition, porch, screen, wall cladding, doors and windows,
shower room glass, ceiling glass, curtain wall glass, all kinds of matching, brand store facade decoration, etc.


• It not only can be tempered, laminated but also works on other secondary processing. Thus it breaking through the limitations of traditional hot-melt glass.
• The texture is exquisite and three-dimensional, the decorative effect is strong, and the texture is irreplaceable by other cold-worked glass effects.


High-end decorative effects with a lower price.
Breaking the high price of art glass in the past.
Easily and simply handle it.
Suitable for all type wall decoration products.
A kind of art glass can be reprocessed.