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Marble patterned Glass or Marble stone?

Marble patterned Glass or Marble stone? That will be a question. Decorative stone such as marble and granite is applied to all aspects of architecture. Designers like their honest, warm, and eclectic nature. However, the digital printing glass is the best solution to make glass into marble texture. Please kindly check below information for better understanding. Process of Marble patterned Glass Texture: There are many kinds of processes for realizing the surface pattern of glass. While the performance of ceramic digital printing glass is the best solution. [...]

The Advantages Of Ultra Clear Glass

The Advantages Of Ultra Clear Glass 1.The ultra clear glass has a low self-explosion rate Since the ultra-white glass raw material generally contains less impurities such as NiS. Then the fine control in the melting process of the raw material makes the ultra-white glass have a more uniform composition than the normal clear glass. And the internal impurities are less, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of tempering. Also the chance of self-destruction. 2. Color consistency Since the iron content in the raw material [...]

The 4 elements of glass partition design

The 4 elements of glass partition design The application of glass partition has become a popular trend in public place decoration. What should we note to the design of glass partitions? What should we pay attention to glass partitions design? We hope the following information will helps you to design and install glass partitions. The glass partition we emphasize is a system rather than a product. There are many interchangeable systems. This system is people-oriented, so its degree of freedom is very important. It also the advantage of the new partition than [...]

What do you know about sandwiched laminated glass?

What do you know about sandwiched laminated glass? Firstly, we need to understand what is sandwiched laminated glass. Normally it consists of two or more pieces of glass sandwiched and between one or more layers of organic polymer interlayer film. Then after special high-temperature pre-pressing (or vacuum) and high-pressure process. The glass and interlayer film are permanently bonding together. Its characteristics are transparency, explosion protection, waterproof and UV protection. Thus the sandwiched laminated glass panel is suitable for architectural decoration, outdoor decoration, home [...]

LED Bathroom Mirror brings intelligence and convenience to life

LED Bathroom Mirror brings intelligence and convenience to life   GREART GLASS group can customize the LED bathroom mirror according to the requirements of customers. Our mirror with high and stable quality, also professional production line and QC management. LED light source in the bathroom mirror, the soft and intelligent light which brings you unlimited convenience to life. Our LED mirror uses IP68 level waterproof power supply. Then the environmentally friendly mirror coating with a thickness as thin as 40mm. The hook-type bathroom mirror is easy to [...]

Anti Reflective Glass

Anti Reflective Glass AR glass as known as anti-reflection glass, is the use of magnetron sputtering on the two surface of the ultra. White the glass anti reflective film is greatly reducing the surface reflectance of glass. The highest transmittance will reach 99%. The surface reflection from 8% to below 1%. It can reduce the electronic screen video images under ambient light reflective glare problems. It greatly improve the contrast and resolution of flat panel display in strong light environment. [...]

What is the difference between laminated glass PVB and SGP?

What is the difference between laminated glass PVB and SGP? In the early days, the laminated glass was generally made of laminated glass produced by PVB film. Since PVB film was originally developed for automotive glass rather than for the building curtain wall industry. It has been used for many years in the construction industry. It has a wide range of uses and achieved good safety results. However, due to the flexibility, softness and small shear modulus of PVB film, the [...]

Application examples of New type fused glass

Application examples of New type fused glass With its unique decorative effect, it get a lot attention in the industry. Fusion glass spans the existing glass form, Fully play the artistic conception of designers and processors, Design with its unique decorative effect, The focus of glass processing, decoration and decoration owners. Three-dimensional texture, strong artistic effect, Create a better decorative effect. The new hot-melt glass retains the original texture of the glass, It with three-dimensional, elegant, fashionable and durable look. It suitbale for indoors and outdoors decoration. Such as: background, partition, porch, screen, [...]

Beauty of Glass furniture

Beauty of Glass furniture Glass furniture with its unique crystal clear Famous for its fresh and clear features The perfect combination of artistic value and practicality Popular in the people who are pursuing individuality Gradually become the new favorite of simplicity and fashion Refreshing glass furniture It seems that the sweltering summer suddenly starts to rain and is generally refreshing and pleasant. If there is a material that is born for summer Then must be glass The clear and transparent beauty is the indispensable beauty of the home world. Concise [...]

Variable curvature/unequal arc curved tempered glass

Unequal arc curved tempered glass Variable curvature curved tempered glass, also known as unequal arc curved tempered glass. As the name suggests, it is different from the curved tempered glass with the same radius of the common curved edge. It belongs to a special type of curved tempered glass, which is also a kind of safety glass. The so-called tempered glass is to heat the ordinary annealed glass to a temperable temperature. Then perform rapid and uniform cooling (usually 5-6mm glass [...]