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Marble patterned Glass or Marble stone?

Marble patterned Glass or Marble stone? That will be a question. Decorative stone such as marble and granite is applied to all aspects of architecture. Designers like their honest, warm, and eclectic nature. However, the digital printing glass is the best solution to make glass into marble texture. Please kindly check below information for better understanding. Process of Marble patterned Glass Texture: There are many kinds of processes for realizing the surface pattern of glass. While the performance of ceramic digital printing glass is the best solution. [...]

LED Bathroom Mirror brings intelligence and convenience to life

LED Bathroom Mirror brings intelligence and convenience to life   GREART GLASS group can customize the LED bathroom mirror according to the requirements of customers. Our mirror with high and stable quality, also professional production line and QC management. LED light source in the bathroom mirror, the soft and intelligent light which brings you unlimited convenience to life. Our LED mirror uses IP68 level waterproof power supply. Then the environmentally friendly mirror coating with a thickness as thin as 40mm. The hook-type bathroom mirror is easy to [...]

Application examples of New type fused glass

Application examples of New type fused glass With its unique decorative effect, it get a lot attention in the industry. Fusion glass spans the existing glass form, Fully play the artistic conception of designers and processors, Design with its unique decorative effect, The focus of glass processing, decoration and decoration owners. Three-dimensional texture, strong artistic effect, Create a better decorative effect. The new hot-melt glass retains the original texture of the glass, It with three-dimensional, elegant, fashionable and durable look. It suitbale for indoors and outdoors decoration. Such as: background, partition, porch, screen, [...]

Beauty of Glass furniture

Beauty of Glass furniture Glass furniture with its unique crystal clear Famous for its fresh and clear features The perfect combination of artistic value and practicality Popular in the people who are pursuing individuality Gradually become the new favorite of simplicity and fashion Refreshing glass furniture It seems that the sweltering summer suddenly starts to rain and is generally refreshing and pleasant. If there is a material that is born for summer Then must be glass The clear and transparent beauty is the indispensable beauty of the home world. Concise [...]

The Spring Festival Notice

Cheers! We already meet our promise to load all glass before CNY! Dear Clients, The Greart Glass office will be closed on February 4-11th, 2019 for Chinese Spring Festival.The production lines are suspended from January 28th to February 25th, 2019. During it, please contact to for any enquiry or query. Thank you!   Greart Glass

What is the difference between the silver mirror and the aluminum mirror?

What is the difference between the silver mirror and the aluminum mirror? Firstly, The reflection. Compared with the paint on the surface of the silver mirror and the paint on the surface of the aluminum mirror. The paint of the silver mirror is more deep, and the paint of the aluminum mirror is lighter. The silver mirror is much clearer than the aluminum mirror. Then the reflection angle of the object light source is more standardized. The reflectivity of the aluminum [...]

Oven glass

Oven glass It refers to the abbreviation of special glass. Since the oven is a high-temperature operation device, the glass installed on the oven needs to have good heat resistance and mechanical strength. Application: Generally, the glass is installed on the oven to facilitate the user to better observe the state of the objects in the oven. In order to adjust the temperature of the oven, and to control the quality of the objects baked in the oven. It suitable for a [...]

The Advantages of Tempered Glass Coffee Table

The Advantages of Tempered Glass Coffee Table Qualified materials to ensure human safety: Whether it is a marble coffee table, a wooden coffee table or a tempered glass coffee table, people are most concerned about it, mainly because of its safety. And the safety of the tempered glass coffee table, naturally do not have to worry. Because the impact strength of tempered glass of the same thickness is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass, the bending strength is [...]

The common problems of glass glue

Do you know the common way to deal with glass glue? What is the reason for the neutral transparent plastic to turn yellow? Neutral transparent adhesive yellowing is a defect in the glue itself, mainly caused by the cross-linking agent and tackifier in the neutral gel, because the two raw materials have an “amine group”, and the amine group is extremely easy to cause Yellowing. In addition, if the neutral transparent adhesive is used together with the acid glass glue, it [...]

How to clean the glass shower doors?

NO.1 The frist case, if there is yellow colored limescale on the glass shower door, you can use special cleanser to remove it easily. But it contain a lot of chemical composition in cleanser which have a cetain corrosive. When you use it you’d better to avoid contact the hardwares. No.2 The second situation is that the “old stubborn stain” that has existed for a long time has become increasingly difficult to remove after years of accumulation of dirt. In this case, [...]