How to clean the glass shower doors?

How to clean the glass shower doors?

NO.1 The frist case, if there is yellow colored limescale on the glass shower door, you can use special cleanser to remove it easily. But it contain a lot of chemical composition in cleanser which have a cetain corrosive. When you use it you’d better to avoid contact the hardwares.

No.2 The second situation is that the “old stubborn stain” that has existed for a long time has become increasingly difficult to remove after years of accumulation of dirt. In this case, salt and vinegar (or lemon) can be mixed together to scrub the glass door. The effect is absolutely fantastic.

If you clean the glass shower door frequently, you can consider of buying a glass scraper in the supermarket. It is not only convenient but also durable. It will be your good helper to keep the glass shower clean.

One more thing is the toothpaste is also effective in cleaning the dirt of glass shower door. Put a bit toothpaste on the glass door, then clean it by cotton cloth with warm water. It is helpful to clean your glass showers.

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