Ceramic Fritted Glass



Ceramic Fritted Glass is a float glass through silk screen ink and tempering or heat strengthening process. Then the ceramic paint fuses into the glass and becomes a permanent coating. Thus the color cannot be removed or damaged by scrubbing. Greart Glass provides you customize glass with a wide range of colors, design patterns, shapes etc.



A variety of patterns and colors options
Stable and color fastness
Scratch resistance, acid resistance
Meet different design inspirations


Max Size: 2400mm*6000mm

Min Size: 300mm*200mm

Glass Thickness: 3mm-25mm

Color Options: by RAL or PANTONE color charts.



  • Interior: shower room, table top, windows, wall cladding, writing board, glass sliding door, glass partition
  • Exterior: glass skylight, glass curtain wall, windows, glass doors, glass facade

Available in any pattern based on your design.

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