Glass Wall Cladding

Glass Wall Cladding



Glass Wall Cladding is widely used in interior space. Such as hotel lobby, elevator interior, store, restaurant , bathroom, office, shopping mall etc. Depending on the designer’s concept, laminated glass, back painted glass, textured glass, mirrors or custom composite glass combinations are often chosen by their design project. Greart Glass would like to provide you a wide variety of glass options to give you support for your project.


Advantages of glass wall cladding:

Beautiful and elegant for interior space
Wide range of glass and mirror options
Accommodates to different fields and places
Easy to install to meet project’s specific needs


Glass options:

Clear laminated glass
Colored laminated glass
Fabric laminated glass
Back painted glass
Customize decorative glass
Frosted glass
Textured glass
Fusion glass
Reed glass
Fluted glass
Tinted mirrors

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