How to clean the glass shower doors?

NO.1 The frist case, if there is yellow colored limescale on the glass shower door, you can use special cleanser to remove it easily. But it contain a lot of chemical composition in cleanser which have a cetain corrosive. When you use it you’d better to avoid contact the hardwares. No.2 The second situation is that the “old stubborn stain” that has existed for a long time has become increasingly difficult to remove after years of accumulation of dirt. In this case, [...]

Glass Packaging

Value depends on the quality, while quality depends on the details. To provide customers the most valuable glass products has always been our aim. Packaging is one of the most important step for glass products. According to years experience, Greart Glass are able to provide safe & professional packaging to our clients! The following packaging photos are examples for your reference.  

Greart Glass Products

Greart Glass specifically for the furniture glass, building glass and industrial glass product manufacture, trade and expertise service of glass industry. We provide quality glass products, great service and competitive price. Greart glass offers a wide rades of glass products such as glass shower door, glass table tops, mirror, construction glass etc. Glass products offer a wealth of inspiration to interior designers, decorators and architects. The mission of Greart glass is to provide glass solutions to fulfil your ideas [...]