Oven glass

Oven glass refers to the abbreviation of special glass used in the oven. Since the oven is a high-temperature operation device, the glass installed on the oven needs to have good heat resistance and mechanical strength.


The glass is installed on the oven to facilitate the user to better observe the state of the objects in the oven, in order to adjust the temperature of the oven to control the quality of the objects baked in the oven. Widely used in a variety of industrial ovens, household ovens, electric ovens, gas ovens, high temperature ovens, high temperature fireplaces, etc. The mainstream oven glass has a temperature resistance of 300 ° C, 500 ° C, 860 ° C, 1200 ° C and so on.


1.It needs to have good mechanical strength and good bending strength;

2.Requires high heat resistance temperature, can withstand long-term baking of high temperature oven without bursting;

3.The softening temperature is relatively high, the softening temperature is high, and the temperature at which the glass can be used is relatively high;

4.Chemical stability is good, the general oven will often contact a variety of food or other chemicals, requiring glass can not react with it. At the same time, it is required to release toxic and harmful substances to people at high temperatures.

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